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WELCOME at Specta booth at The Iranian iron and steel conference!


The second conference «Iranian Iron and Steel» will be held on the 26-28th of September 2016 in Isfahan and will bring together representatives of metallurgy industry, metal processing enterprises and their global partners involved in manufacturing processes. The conference features the market experts sharing their opinions on the economic situation in the post-sanction period as well as on current investment streams, discussing joint ventures’ experience, outlining new domestic and international opportunities, and enhancement of the technologies exploited in the industry.

Moreover, at this most significant for the Iranian industry event, the nation’s government executives are to comment on the effective guidelines of financing and capital flow nationally and internationally as well as important peculiarities in cooperation between global partners and Iranian industrial enterprises along with other strategic aspects of metallurgical industry development.

While sanctions are losing their grip, Iranian industry is facing enormous prospects for growth. Hence, the «Iranian Iron and Steel» conference will lay a foundation for the revival of the metallurgy industry and will become a perfect platform for setting up international agreements, beneficial for all counterparts. Thus, combining logistics chains of raw material deliveries and the end products in metallurgy industry of Iran is considered to become a major task of the conference.

It is the second time that Specta takes part in the Iranian Iron and Steel conference where we will present the whole range of packaging materials including high-strength steel packing strap Specta Factor, pneumatic and manual packing machines and accessories. Also visitors will have an opportunity to get advice on material choice regarding the particularities and size of manufacturing as well as on optimization of packaging quality and Specta products costs.

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